Sam Mills

I am an educator and an unschooler.  


I have a master’s degree in Educational Studies, with a  focus on democratic education and co-created learning.  The heart of my work focuses on engaged, respectful relationships between adults and young people.

My favourite thing to do is to work with people to co-create spaces, systems and activities that allow people to support themselves and each other.  So often, when we collaborate with others we can create things that function and nourish more deeply than we could have imagined working alone.

 For over fifteen years, I have had the profound delight of developing my practice under the mentorship of Helen Hughes.  Amoung other things, she has taught me about deep respect and the important work of paying attention to the sparkle in people’s eyes.


I have been working with young people and adult learners for over twenty years in a variety of alternative contexts: The Learnary, Windsor House Democratic School,  Playgroup Facilitator, Village Free School, Capilano College Adult Basic Education, Humanities 101 and Bamfield Community School Youth Programmer.

I live and work in East Vancouver.  I can work with you via Facetime/Skype, or in a location that works for both of us. 

photo by Ro Cran

Sam has a profound respect for young people.  She actually listens to what it is that they want, and then tries different approaches to see what works.  Having worked with young people for many years, she offers insightful questions that sometimes help a young person change direction or find new ways of achieving their goals. Sam delights in the work, and her spirit of fun makes difficult tasks easier.


- Helen Hughes, Mentor to Sam and Founder of Windsor House School



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