Paul Silveria

Paul has an approach similar to Sam.  He is an educator and musician with two decades of experience working with children and adults in self-directed settings. He has provided community-based skill-building for adults with developmental disabilities, worked in preschools, and has more than 10 years of experience working with K-12 students at democratic, free schools. Additionally, Paul teaches music lessons, and travels across Western Canada leading music and dance workshops at elementary schools.

Paul can provide academic support for homeschooling, unschooling, and deschooling families, as well as families in standard schools who are looking a self-paced and student-led support. This can be general academic support and/or personal or assigned projects. Outcomes for Paul’s tutoring sessions are increased interest, confidence, and skill.   


      *Pre-literacy skills.         *Middle and High-School projects
      *Early reading and writing skills.            *Personal projects


*Early numeracy skills.         *Academic math through grade 8
*Math-oriented life skills


*General academic support for assigned science curriculum. (Through early high-school.)

Social Studies, History, and Related Classes
*General academic support for assigned social studies curriculum. (Through early high-school.)

Paul is a fantastic listener and a great problem solver. My child felt very comfortable quickly. He creates a tutoring environment based in curiosity rather than pressure and that really helped my child engage with the work in a positive way. It’s been a very empowering and refreshing way to explore learning. We are very grateful to work with Paul.

2018 - 2019 Parent of Client

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