Group Sessions

Ask Sam about the Spring 2020 Group Sessions. See if they are a good fit for you.  

Why you may want to work in a group

Working in a group is a different experience than working individually with a support person.  In a group, we focus on being witnessed in both our struggles and joys.  Together we engage in learning, collaboration, mutual support, play, and sparking curiosity: our learning process becomes "mentionable and manageable."  Our groups are non-comparative and highly adaptable.  We draw from a long history of approaches and tools, and are skilled at adapting to the needs of the people we work with.  Groups can be: small or large; co-created academics for unschoolers or support for the participants' own learning projects; early learning through high school levels; a mix of independent and collective work. We welcome learners of different ages and stages within a learning group.  

This is a great fit for:

  • homeschoolers who want some collective academic experience, but still want to root their learning in unschooling practices

  •  families who want their multiage children to share a learning space

  •  friend-groups who have their own projects or curriculum and would like support from a helpful adult. 

 Contact us to talk about what might work for you. 


  • Families will gather the groups and host. 

  • Meeting space can be provided for an additional cost. 

  • If you are an individual who would like to be part of a group, but don't have one set up, let us know we will keep a running list of interested people and see if we can form them into groups. 

  • Sessions are 2 hours in length.  Price includes administrative and preparation time. 

  • Bringing in a 2nd teacher allows for one-to-one support to happen at the same time as the group is meeting as well as much more opportunity for focused support. 

  • Before our first session, we would meet as a group to talk about expectations, approach, and possibilities. 

$100 For 2 students shared or split standard session, 1 of us

$120 For extended split session for 2 students, 1 of us


$200  For a group of up to 5 learners, up to 2 hours, 1 of us

$300  For a group of up to 5 learners up to 2 hours, 2 of us. 

$300 For a group of up to 8 learners, up to 2 hours, 1 of us

$400 For a group of up to 8 learners up to 2 hours, 2 of us 

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